Creating a VTAC Account

In order to make an application to university, you will need to create a VTAC account. The VTAC account is used to manage applications for courses, SEAS and scholarships, bookings for admission tests and workshops, changing your preferences and updating your personal information.

Create an account

You’ll first need to create an account.

Accepting the Terms and Conditions

Please be sure to read through the terms and conditions of using VTAC. Some of the most important stuff to read is the fact that VTAC do not offer refunds should you decide you do not want to apply to university. It will also explain their privacy policy and terms of use.

Read through that information and then proceed.

1. Personal Details

You’ll be asked to enter your names, gender and date of birth.


2. Citizenship and Language

You’ll need to select your current citizenship type, country of birth and the primary language spoken at home.


3. Year 12 Status

As an MSJ student, you will be applying as a Year 12 student. You should select the first option “Yes, studying VCE (including VCAL), or standard interstate Australian year 12”


4. Study location

You will need to select Victoria from the drop down menu and enter your current student number. In Victoria, the format is as follows: 11307885K

Once you proceed, it tell you if you have been confirmed as a currently enrolled student – at this stage you can proceed with the application.

5. Address

You will need to enter your current address and state how many years and/or months you have lived there. Confirm if this is your mailing address (if it is not, you are required to enter the mailing address).

You will then be given the option to enter your phone number. Providing your phone number provides more security and allows your results to be sent to you by text.

You will need to enter a personal email address – this should not be your school email as you will not have access to this when you graduate from MSJ.

6. PIN

You will need to create a four digit pin number that you can easily remember – this is required to access VTAC services and can be a hassle to reset if you forget.

7. Security Questions

You will need to choose two security questions and answers. These are used if you forget your PIN.

8. Confirm Details

You will then confirm that you have entered the correct information into the system. Here you can then go back, discard or complete your account.