Group 4 – Victoria University ad RMIT University

Please read through this important information carefully if you are visiting Victoria University (Footscray Park) and RMIT University.

You will be meeting with:

  • Ms Jones

Victoria University Details

Meeting Time
for a 9:45AM start – please be on time so your teachers can mark the rolls.

Meeting Place and Address
You will be meeting at the the Corner of Mills Rd and Ballarat Rd in Footscray. Make sure you search “Victoria University – Footscray Park”.

How to Get There
The easiest way is to take the train to Footscray Station and it is a 15 minute walk along Nicholson St.

RMIT University

We will take the train together to get to RMIT University. You will be able to purchase food at Melbourne Central should there be enough time.

Building 80, Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

How to Leave From Here
You will be dismissed from here at 1:30pm. The best way is to take the train from Melbourne Central.